End of Blog

July 19, 2014

After 53 weeks of effort, this website is now closed until further notice , or until I change my mind -- which isn't likely.

The reason is that after the most recent decisions and (in)actions of the Board of Directors, the General Manager, and the continued boorish, selfish attitudes of my neighbors, I have concluded that any effort to effect positive change at Coosawattee River Resort is a complete waste of time.

In order to show the full circle of my experiences, I am leaving the one posting below.  It describes our first experience with CRRA after buying our home here in 2008.

Good luck!

Our Very First Experience with Coosawattee River Resort Association...

I recently read posts on Topix from a someone who had just made an offer on a house in CRR.  She was both excited and worried.  She and her husband had read both my blog and the Topix forum, but in spite of that, were so thrilled with the home they had chosen that they decided to ignore the warnings.  

The feelings she described about their decision and purchase and how much they looked forward to their new home -- while worrying if they were making the right decision -- reminded me of how my wife and I felt when we bought our home here.  ...Filled with optimism and hope, while wondering if we should have paid more attention to the complaints on Topix.

I decided to look up and post this email exchange with the former General Manager CRRA.  It describes our first direct experience with CRRA after buying our home in January, 2008. We sent the original complaint to three board members. None of them ever responded to us personally. (Our original complaint letter follows the GM's response.)

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Freeman,

One of our board members forwarded your email message to me this morning and I wanted to take a minute to respond.  I want to start my expressing my embarrassment and humiliation at the treatment and attitude that you received upon your visit to the POA offices this past weekend.  Please accept my apologies on behalf of the staff and the association.

Every association, group, organization or company has to have policies and procedures and some of those have to be set and unbendable.  At the same time there are other times when policies can be worked around when it is to the benefit of the customer (property owner) and the association.  It is not so much that the young lady you encountered would not issue you gate cards (she was following policy but even then we should have been able to work around the problem), the real problem is the unhelpful, uncaring attitude that you encountered and it is this issue that makes me livid.